Kirby Specialties Corporation excels in two major markets-- Civil Construction and Industrial Construction. We operate and manage diverse resources, including a full service custom fabrication facility, which enables us to provide quality construction at competitive prices. Our manpower and equipment base is second to none. We surround ourselves with long term employees who possess positive attitudes and extensive skill sets. They are backed with the most modern tools and machinery. We routinely perform projects throughout Arkansas and other states in conjunction with our clients’ needs. From the simplest to the extremely complex, KSC strives to provide our customers timely, efficient, quality construction, that meets or exceeds budget restraints. Our clientele furnish variable goods and services to both the public and private sectors in their communities. Some are essential to the health and welfare of their customers. Others such as city municipalities and transportation departments ensure state and local communities are capable of supporting the needs and requirements of its citizens. We pride ourselves in providing the ingenuity, manpower, and equipment necessary to keep our customers’ products and services in production. Contracting is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle. You can rely on Kirby Specialties Corporation to perform at the apex of our industry.